Iriedaily Mini Flag Hoodie Dark Orion


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100% cotton (organic cotton)
dark orion
rib cuffs at sleeve endings and hemline
logo embroidery on chest
organic cotton
made in Portugal
weight: 300 g/sqm
Fair Wear
Due to our general personal attitude and philosophy of the company, IRIEDAILY joined the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) at the beginning of 2016. FWF is an independent and non-profit organisation and together with its members FWF works for better working conditions and processes in the production facilities of the textile industry. The focus is on the ready-made clothing industry, i.e. where fabrics are processed into textile products. In addition to monitoring and reporting on the progress made by member companies, one of the FWF’s main tasks is to monitor production facilities on site. After only 2.5 years, we have achieved Leader Status. The Leader Status is the highest status that can be awarded by the FWF.

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